• Dynamic Modified Martingale

    Each Martingale level will be opened based on dynamic inputs and signals, such as its current direction, volatility, and other factors, to decide the size of the Martingale position and its take profit level.

  • Multi-Thread Setup

    The EA allow for multiple threads running in parallel, each trying to hit its own assigned take profit point. This means multiple Martingale setups running in parallel for maximum results. Read the key concept section on threads and positions to know more.

  • Progressive Difficulties

    Not all Martingale levels are the same. The earlier level will have a lower threshold for the EA to decide if a new position needs to be opened. It will get progressively more restrictive as the level increases.

  • Thread Direction Reversal

    Sometimes the EA acted on a wrong signal, and it couldn't hit its target profit based on its initial position's direction. This feature allows the EA to reverse its initial thread position should the newer signals support it.

  • Cooldown

    Want to avoid getting caught in huge positions during a sudden massive market movement? Set the cooldown period between opening positions appropriately.

  • Lot Size Multiplier

    Want higher returns and are OK taking more risk? Multiple your position sizes to scale up.

  • Auto-Compounding

    Want even higher returns by having all your available capital participate in your positions? Then, set auto-compounding up, and The EA will further adjust your position sizes based on your account balance size as it grows.

  • Trailing Take Profit

    Hit your take profit point, but the market is still moving favourably? With this, you can ride the market until it reverses, maximizing your result.

  • Daily/Monthly Profit Target

    Stop opening new threads (and hence taking more risk) when your profit target is hit for the period.

  • Equity-to-Balance Health Check

    We might have limited capital, preventing us from continuously chasing Martingale positions. This health check will stop the EA from opening new positions should the equity health threshold is breached.

  • Maximum Spread

    Do not open a new position during extreme volatility or market inactivity, which might cause the market spread to widen.

  • Maximum Slippage

    We might not get the price we want, but we might still be OK with the re-quoted price if it is within a certain range.

  • Trading Hours

    Trying to avoid certain days of the week to trade? Set up a time boundary for the EA to be allowed to trade.

  • Drain Mode

    Done with trading but do not want to close your losing positions? Set the drain mode up so the EA will not open new threads but will still be able to open new positions for existing threads to hit its current take-profit target.